A Roadmap for Macro Vision to Micro Execution

We believe that nation building is a journey from " NirakaarBramha " (intangibles like vision, dreams, ideas and policies) towards " SakaarBramha " (tangibles like incubation models, incorporated organizations, execution of vision and economy)

Sustainable Model of Development

"The developed countries constituting the 5percent of total world followed a route to development that was most conveniently available to them at the time of their development process. The real threat is the wont of the 95 percent to follow the development model of the 5 percent. In addition to the catastrophic environmental threats, it will also have significant geopolitical impacts as nations scramble for additional resources. The development process of the 95percent should follow a vision based on Energy efficiency, Environment responsibility, and Sustainability of the framework thus developed."

R-M-E Model

ICF works under the guiding principle of R-M-E, which promotes and fosters strong and pragmatic partnerships. The R-M-E model advocates formation of a strong Relationship first, followed by deliberations to devise Mechanism so as to bring about effective Execution leading to holistic and robust Economy and then to Empowerment.