The most direct and strongest beneficiaries of nation-building initiatives are the States of India. While DMIC will encompass holistic development of six states, initiatives like the Smart Knowledge and Agriculture Corridor, Trans-Asian Buddhist Circuit, Healthcare and Energy Security will proactively promote strengthening and development of all the States in India.

ICF has already played a pivotal role towards successful engagement of Indian States and Japan. While the India – Japan Global Partnership Summit 2011 saw official delegations from Haryana, Delhi, Kerala, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Jharkhand & Andhra Pradesh, the number of States who have understood the vision behind India – Japan Global Partnership and are keen to participate, is growing exponentially.

The socio-economic framework emerging due to catalytic activities of ICF will promote every State as an ideal model of development in the world. This initiative is currently in the phase of execution.