“ India-Japan Global Partnership Summit ” is envisioned as a summit of two great nations – where policymakers, opinion leaders, business leaders, media leaders and academicians from India, Japan and its global partners can interact and exchange ideas in a conducive environment to create a Micro Road Map for the Macro Vision which exists in the form of India-Japan Global Partnership.”

IJGPS aims to evolve a mutually beneficial global socio-economic framework that incorporates the combined strengths of India and Japan. The Summit proposes an open-architecture of development. India and Japan will lead the initiatives because Japan represents the 5 percent model and India represents the aspirations of the 95 percent. With utmost regard to the vision of India and Japan as global partners contributing significantly in each other’s nation-building processes and together contributing to the development of Asia and the rest of the world- the pioneering India-Japan Global Partnership Summit, 2011 was held from September 5-7 in Tokyo, Japan. The objective of the IJGPS is to evolve workable socio-economic models in infrastructure, agro-economy, healthcare, tourism, banking and finance, energy security, education and other areas, incorporating the combined strengths of India and Japan and uphold the vision of two countries as Global Partners.

The Summit aims to:

  • Bridge information gap existing between the two nations and generate awareness.
  • Increase the multiple levels of interaction between policy makers, academicians, business leaders and opinion leaders from both the countries.
  • Increase cultural bonding.
  • Generate economy and Execute workable socio-economic models within the new socio-economic framework.
  • Develop a multi-faceted relationship between both the nations and Global Partner countries based on the principles of R-M-E.

India-Japan Global Partnership Summit is in effect, a platform where various nation-building initiatives find the ground to be deliberated upon and improved so as to evolve them into executable models. No country can achieve its goals in isolation in the current interdependent and globalized world.

Countries have to work in cooperation with each other to resolve global challenges, which face us today. India and Japan will have to forge cooperative links with their global partners to assure holistic strategies and implementation. The India-Japan Global Partnership Summit facilitates multilateral engagements with other nations and various cross-sections of the global society.

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