If there is one thing India Center Foundation has been sure of from its very inception- it is in the power of Relationships.
The complex matrix of interdependencies from the very onset of life is what defines us as individuals, society and nations. While individual relationships are nurtured with utmost care throughout life, we at ICF believe in same kind of careful nurturing in the global scale as well.
ICF was formed in 1996 buoyed by the potential of strong relationships innational and international arena. Combined with a strong determination to find solutions to macro-level socio-economic problems, ICF has continuously worked towards catalyzing processes to achieve the vision of a Strong India, Strong Asia and by extension- a Stronger World.
With an innate understanding of immense potential and knowledge that India possesses and also of the immense socio-economic challenges the country faces, ICF has been working on the principle of forging strong and stable Relationships, enabling Mechanisms and catalyzing up to the Execution phase. We call this the R-M-E model. This model is all encompassing in all our initiatives for nation building.
India is home to one-fifth of humanity- making it a country with immense human capital and potential. This also poses some serious challenges for India to achieve a socio-economic balance that is sustainable. ICF takes into account the challenges and has been working towards making India a positive contributory force in the world.
With the humanity now coming to realize the constraints of depleting resources, India needs to take it into account during its journey towards holistic and inclusive development. The constraints of natural resources should in no way constrain aspirations, which is why there is a need to evolve hybrid model of old and new socio-economic framework.
This is by no means a small task- it is a macro vision that needs absolute teamwork, from all including India’s Global Partners. We, at ICF, call on citizens of India and citizens of the world to pitch in and be an integral part of the team. A team- which dreams together of a sustainable future – and thinks, innovates and actuates it to achieve stronger nations and stronger world.

Vibhav Kant Upadhyay
Founder and Chairman