Board Of Directors

Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay

'He is well known in International political and diplomatic circles for his statesmanship, macro-vision of the nation building processes and a holistic approach towards development. He is visionary leader par-excellence whose monumental efforts has brought India and Japan closer and has furthered a multifaceted global partnership between the two nations.'

Prof. Shigeo Araki

He is Professor Emeritus at Obirin University and a popular authority on Asian Globalism. He is known to have a special affinity with India. His views on socio-cultural synergies between India and Japan are widely circulated through various media.

Mr. Yoshimi Ishikawa

He is a cultural diplomat and an award-winning writer. A strong believer in the power and potential of global partnerships, he has worked extensively towards harmonizing relationship of Japan with its neighbors, primarily China and India. He is a well-known political commentator and former faculty of Keio University. Mr Ishikawa has won accolades for his book “Strawberry Road” which recounts his experiences os working in a strawberry farm in United States.

Mr. Naohiko Kato

He is a former member of Diet from Yokohama. He is a well known social worker from Japan and also the Director of Children Education Fund Association NPO Asia. He has extended an active support in strengthening an amicable relationship between Japan and its Asian fraternity.

Mr. Nitin Khanna

He is an expert on International Affairs and has had a long and varied career in IT and Communications. Mr. Khanna’s interests are in passionately providing the non-profit organizations knowledge and guidance, apart from being an avid golfer. He has an MBA from Oregon University, USA.

Mr. Hidenobu Okamoto

Specialist in International Affairs, he served in Bangkok as Bureau Chief of Tokyo Broadcasting station. Later he was posted to Hongkong. Currently he is working as the Director of the Network division at the TBS broadcasting company.

Mr. Toru Sakamoto

He is an eminent Indophile and is an authority on Indian culture. He spent 6 months touring India on his bicycle as part of his world tour. His wide knowledge on India has been of tremendous use to IC at different platforms.